Fore River, Weymouth, MA

Thanks to COVID-19, diving is taking a major beating this year. With DCR closing off most of the state's waterfront parking, it's getting very difficult to get into the water. Apparently they're going to allow boating, but you can only have family members on the boat. Rules out most of our club dives, all in one fell swoop.

Before I took up diving, I had dabbled some in kayaking, plus I had been snorkeling a few times as well. Thought it might be kind of cool to combine these efforts somehow. I'm lucky to working still, so I dropped some coin on a nice Hobie Revolution 16. The plan is to tart it up with amas and a sail kit, and maybe dive off of it this summer. We'll see about the diving, but I guarantee I'm going to at least try snorkeling around the harbor islands this summer.