Pegotty Beach, Scituate, MA

They don't always turn out the way we want ;-) I just picked up a new semi-dry suit for the winter, and wanted to splash it before doing the Neptunes Sober-Up dive on New Years Day. 5 of us geared up to get in the water at Scituate's Pegotty Beach. Equipment issues kept 2 of our folks from even getting in. Eventually 3 of us got wet. Sadly though, in 6 feet of water, you couldn't see the bottom if you were kneeling on it. So we swam out a bit to see if it got any better. No joy. To make matters worse, my camera was so cold, it kept shutting off. Got about a third of the footage I expected.

Finally, we repaired to Sam's on the Harbor, soaking up enough hot coffee and tasty breakfast foods to bring our core temperatures back into the proper mammalian range. Wasn't a very good dive, but it was a great breakfast ;-)

0 minutes, max depth 7 ft., water temp 36ºF.