Molasses Reef, Key Largo, FL

Day 4. We revisited Winch Hole and Spanish Anchor sites, but there was quite a bit more going on, this dive. There was a fair collection of (sleeping) nurse sharks, barracuda, couple of largish eels, to go with the parrot fish, grunts, hog fish, and tangs. My companions on this dive were a German couple; Max and his girl friend (going deaf, so I had trouble hearing her name). We were once again lead by Dive Master Max, and the boat was captained by Captain Pete (who was the PADI instructor who taught my AOW). The guy is definitely the hardest working man in Key Largo.

43 minutes, max depth 36 ft., water temp 76ºF.
43 minutes, max depth 29 ft., water temp 77ºF.