Molasses Reef, Key Largo, FL

This year, I spent the first two 'dive days' completing my PADI Advanced Open Water class. Since I thought it prudent to pay attention and stay focused during these sessions, there is no video of those dives :-) Day three (this dive) was a relaxed, shallow, reef dive at Molasses Reef. My companions were Jeanna and Martin, and we were led by Dive Master Max, of Key Largo Divers. I've yet to resolve my camera situation. My SJCams are no more, so I've gone back to using my old Intova, mounted to the pvc frame. I believe the image quality is a little better, not to mention more stable, but battery life is starting to be a problem. I missed the chance to film the largest barracuda (easily 2m) I've ever seen, due to a dead battery. Oh well, I saw the fish, and it didn't eat me. Win/win :-)

45 minutes, max depth 34 ft., water temp 76ºF.
46 minutes, max depth 27 ft., water temp 77ºF.