Eco Divers, Cozumel Mexico

Huge mea culpa... One of my cameras (along with several hours of footage) met its untimely demise. Also -- editing has been rather slow going. Because these cameras don't have a viewfinder, my point of aim is basically guesswork. Been trying to edit around the bad aim). Since I quit using my PVC camera frame, shaky video has become more of a problem. I broke one of the mounts on my last trip to Mexico (well, the baggage handlers did, but it's my fault for putting it in a checked bag). I've been trying to correct it with software, but in some spots it's doing more harm than good.

Anyway... there's still more to come, and I hope to update the camera and camera frame situation fairly soon.

49 minutes, max depth 91 ft., water temp 77ºF.
56 minutes, max depth 51 ft., water temp 78ºF.