Beatle Rock

Rob brought out his "commando Zodiac" for today's dive. The boat zipped us out to the site in no time, and the gps got us exactly where we intended to be. Visibility was nothing to write home about; 5 to 7 feet at best. I saw 2 and a half lobsters, a few starfish, some cunners, and oddly enough; no crabs. Of course, with viz that bad, we were lucky to see what we did. High point of the dive was Rob navigating back to the anchor line. 40 years of experience really pays off!

Geek stuff: I used one of my linux boxes and the OpenShot video editor for today's effort. It's a little clumsier than iMovie and not as well appointed, but I think it's worth the effort to keep using it.

Special mention: The Point Restaurant, next to the Green Harbor Town Launch makes an absolutely stellar cheese burger.

30 minutes, max depth 34 ft., water temp 49ºF.