Lane's Cove, Gloucester, MA

This is the last of 3 dives at Lane's Cove on the weekend of June 30 - July 1. We'd have had a lot more video except for a headspace issue with the camera operator. Saturday, visibility was at least 20 - 30', whereas Sunday was a more modest 15 - 20 above the thermocline, and out to 25' below. At the surface the water was nearly 60ºF and at depth it got down to 46ºF. My dive buddy Ken was able to catch 7 keeper lobsters on Saturday and one more on Sunday.

For the log book geeks:

56 minutes, max depth 49', water temp 47ºF.

52 minutes, max depth 37', water temp 50ºF.

61 minutes, max depth 49', water temp 46ºF.