Minot Beach, Scituate, MA

The day did start a little odd, evoking feelings of deja vu from the day before (Pleasure Bay). Our inital plan was to visit Peggoty Beach in Scituate. Unfortunately we were greeted with this:

Scituate took a fair beating in the offseason. I'm not exactly shocked that they chose to close Peggoty for repairs.

Our dive community quickly supplied an alternate site in Minot Beach, at the other end of Scituate, and Minot certainly did not dissapoint. Catching this beach early in the season is an absolute treat. The winter and early spring storms did a great job of cleaning the bottom of kelp beds and other vegetation. There was some krill and particulates in the water column, but visibility was still a respectable 15-20' in spots. Give it another month or two and visibility will probably be less than optimal.

For the log book geeks: 46 minutes, max depth 24', water temp 40ºF.